American Airlines First Class: What’s For Dinner?

In September 2014 American and legacy US Airways harmonized their catering — and the outcomes weren’t good. American took the overwhelming suggestions of consumers — and from embarrassed crew — to coronary heart and launched higher meals in August 2015.

Petite Filet and Lobster Mac & Cheese, August 2015 – October 2016

American ostensibly introduces all new meal service every year. We received a brand new set of meals in November 2016, and final month they started to rotate new dishes in as they overhaul the home firstclass menu.

In December they launched Buratta Cheese Ravioli with tomato garlic sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes and this month they launched Chicken Meatballs with Creamy Polenta, Porcini Mushroom Tortellini, and Beef Short Rib with Twice Baked Potato.

That means dinner entrees have been half changed, with 4 of final 12 months’s objects nonetheless on the menu.

Here’s the total record of present American Airlines home dinner entrees:

  • Burrata ravioli and roasted cherry tomatoes with tomato garlic sauce
  • Cheese lasagna with Pomodoro tomato sauce
  • Poblano peppers filled with manchego, queso fresco, Monterey jack, cotija with piquillo crema and cilantro rice
  • Porcini mushroom tortellini with cacio pepe and tomato sauce
  • Grilled hen with haricot, cherry tomatoes, olives and garlic herb butter
  • Grilled filet with Cipollini onion, asparagus and quinoa
  • Chicken meatballs with creamy polenta
  • Beef quick rib with chimichurri sauce and twice baked potato

The dinner objects are all designed in session with Celebrity Chef Julian Barsotti.

American refreshed breakfast in fall 2016 and is now updating once more. December noticed the introduction of three new breakfast objects: Breakfast Sandwich wit Egg; Smoked turkey, Colby jack cheese on historical grain flatbread; Montamore Cheese and Kale Pesto Omelet; and Smoked Fontina Cheese and Peppadew Omelet.

If you’re booked in home firstclass not less than 24 hours previous to departure you’ll be able to pre-order your alternative. Meal selections seem one month previous to flight. You may choose a fruit and cheese plate as an alternative in the event you want.

International flights and premium home flights between New York JFK and each Los Angeles and San Francisco obtain completely different menus.

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