The Surprising 5 Busiest Airline Routes in the World

This week’s situation of Airline Weekly provides statistics on the busiest airline routes in the world.

Here are the 5 largest air routes in the world, all home and never a single one in the U.S. All are in Asia Pacific, 4 are in North Asia. And Vietnam is a notably quick rising market with probably rather more headroom.

I’m stunned that Rio – Sao Paulo and Beijing – Shanghai don’t make the record

These are the 5 worldwide air routes with the biggest site visitors. Again all are in Asia Pacific, cut up between North and Southeast Asia, with Hong Kong – Seoul the longest flight. Dublin-London, Seoul – Tokyo, and London – New York are notably absent.

Airline Weekly provides that least yr 973 million folks traveled by air from or inside the EU, up 6% over 2015 and 29% greater than in 2009.

  • 17% of site visitors was home
  • 36% was between the EU and a non-EU vacation spot
  • 47% was intra-EU worldwide

The largest airline market in the EU is Britain with 249 million of 973 million whole passengers, adopted by Germany (201 million), Spain (193 million), France (145 million), and Italy (135 million).

French air site visitors is closely concentrated round Paris, whereas Germany’s, Spain’s, and Italy’s is distributed throughout a number of cities.

The quickest rising air markets in the EU and Bulgaria and Romania, whereas Belgium and Slovenia are the solely nations whose air site visitors is shrinking.

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