Passenger Asserts White Privilege in Onboard Rant, Gets Choked & Carried Off on Stretcher

On a Frontier flight from St. Louis to Denver a passenger went off on a “drunken tirade”.

The African American lady sitting subsequent to him videotaped the episode in which he declared he ought to get what he wished — although “crew members allegedly refused to continue serving him alcohol” — as a result of he was enjoying his ‘effing white card’ (which I suppose is sort of a joker or trump of another variety).

The lady stories that the person had been consuming in the Chili’s at Denver airport. She lucked out caught in the center subsequent to the person and his journey companion, and requested crew if she might transfer however they had been no assist.

She says flight attendants continued to serve the person although he was “visibly drunk from the moment he got on the plane.”

A flight attendant got here by and served the couple drinks. Infused with extra booze, Cannon says his flirting escalated to incorporate descriptions of his penis measurement and what he wished to do with the girl in the toilet. Cannon additionally claims he began rubbing his pants leg and groin space.

Once once more, Cannon says she alerted a flight attendant.

“When he described his penis size, I couldn’t take it no more,” she says. “I told them what he’d said.”

That’s when the person was minimize off, and his tantrum ensued:

He was allowed to proceed flying, however police met the plane in Denver. An altercation ensued, and the passenger “was choked into submission.”

Here’s the passenger being carted off on a stretcher:

This incident occurred in June however video was simply posted on-line and media are simply now protecting it this week.

Shemekia Cannon, who sat subsequent to the person, acquired a $250 voucher for a future Frontier flight.

Some have advised that the person although in the end used his white privilege card it appears as a result of there’s no report of the incident that media might discover or fees filed. I believe it’s truly Blue Privilege, extreme drive that led to the incident being swept beneath the rug.

“He kept screaming, ‘I’m a business owner, I’m a business owner,’” she recollects. “He wanted everybody to know is that he is a business man and he had white privilege and a white card. He was flailing and fighting everybody.”

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