American Airlines Checked Baggage Fees Vary Based on the Meaning of Words

When President Clinton testified in entrance of a grand jury he steered that his truthfulness depended on the that means of the phrase ‘is’.

It relies upon upon what the that means of the phrase ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and by no means has been, that’s not—that’s one factor. If it means there’s none, that was a totally true assertion

Precise phrases matter in a courtroom and — it appears — when checking baggage with American Airlines.

Checked baggage charges could be sophisticated.

  • For occasion audio visible tools could be checked at a reduction if you happen to’re a member of the media.
  • Most sports activities tools counts as customary checked baggage for charge functions, however golf tools prices $42.50 to test on Brazil flights.
  • One hockey stick and one hockey bag depend as one piece of baggage.
  • And one ski bag and a ski boot bag are collectively only one piece of baggage… however price $28.05 on Brazil flights.

Here’s the query: Is curling a sport? And is that as much as the Olympics or your American Airlines gate agent?

Granted I’m not likely a fan of curling, myself, sliding stones on a sheet of ice in the direction of a goal.

Erin McInrue Savage is. And she bought right into a disagreement with American Airlines on the topic. She claims American Airlines needed to cost her $150 to test her curling broom as a result of it’s outsized, and she or he needed to pay $25 “the standard fee for an excess sports equipment bag.”

She claims, although, that “[The agent] said curling isn’t a sport,”

“[The agent] said it wasn’t an ‘elite’ sport like golf,” McInrue Savage recalled, noting that even after giving the customer support agent a historical past lesson about curling’s origins, in addition to providing to reveal how the brooms labored by unpacking them, the agent solely relented barely.

…McInrue Savage mentioned after about an eight-minute alternate, the agent lastly agreed to permit her to pay the $25 customary sports activities baggage charge, however not with out resistance. McInrue Savage mentioned the agent ended their alternate by telling her, “I hope you never fly American Airlines again.”

Here’s the factor. I can’t discover something in American’s baggage guidelines suggesting that if curling had been a ‘real’ sport her outsized tools would price simply $25. The passenger says that’s what her teammates had been charged on their outbound flight — on one other airline.

And even when there was a disagreement over checked baggage, I don’t see why the agent would have informed the buyer to not purchase tickets on the airline once more.

American spokesperson Ross Feinstein, for his half, mentioned that American Airlines agrees “that curling is a sport,” that the check-in agent occurs to be a former gymnast and coach, and charged the appropriate outsized sporting tools price of $150 — and that if it ‘wasn’t sporting tools’ the quantity would have been $200.

In this case sporting tools meant a decrease baggage charge, the specific deserves of curling however.

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