Kiwis are Birds That Can’t Fly, But This One Discovers It Can Fly… Air New Zealand

New Zealand’s nationwide fowl is the kiwi, and it’s Air New Zealand’s image as nicely. After all, New Zealanders are also known as Kiwis.

The irony for the airline after all is that kiwis can’t fly. But Air New Zealand has turned that on its head, making a video exhibiting that with the intention to fly a kiwi can fly on Air New Zealand.

They have a bunch of background on the kiwi. The argument is that birds didn’t must fly to keep away from predators on land in New Zealand. They’re quick runners, however their inhabitants is dwindling on account of predators nonetheless. Just just like the yields on a few of Air New Zealands lengthy haul routes. Rimshot.

Sam Neill voices Pete the Kiwi fowl. They inform of us he’s the man you realize from Jurassic Park however to me he’s one of many stars of the 1996 movie Children of the Revolution about Stalin’s love little one dwelling in Australia.

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